Upon delivery of washing powder delivered to you four coupons for your friends recommendations. Each of them offers a discount of 5% or more discount on the $ 100, limited time specified on the ticket (to the right on a white background). The date limits the time of booking your washing powder, that is, we can bring a later date.

Also written on each coupon number. Behind him is listed your address in our computer. When you know they want to order a washing powder, they should call the number indicated on the coupon - so they get a discount with this coupon, and we know exactly what you recommended them. You, in turn, with each person, are available on your recommendation, to be assessed an additional 20% discount.

Thus, together with a coupon discount for total loyalty to you is 40%.

If you bought from two individuals, the total discount of 60% 80% Three men! If you bought from the four people, then we bring the packaging of detergent Phoenix automat professional FREE.

Inside the package with detergent is a four probe that you can give to your friends.

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